Astralis Diamonds


These diamonds have a heart like no other.

They feature the Astralis star cut, personally designed by master cutter Gabi Tolkowsky.

As you'll see in the video link, he is the Albert Einstein of diamonds.


Just click here to see the video.

It reveals the secrets of the Astralis diamonds.

Each one comes with Gabi Tolkowsky's signature on the girdle of the diamond.


Plus, your Astralis diamond comes with a star gazer device that you can take home.

The star at the heart of the Astralis diamond is absolutely mesmerising.

And with the star gazer device, you will be able to look at the heart of your diamond time and again, and marvel at the perfection of the Astralis cut.

Gabi Tolkowsky is the world's most revered diamond cutter. His is a remarkable career spanning over 50 years.

All Astralis diamonds are cut under his stewardship. And all of his Astralis diamonds are a cut above the rest.


Gabi Tolkowsky has cut the world's most valuable diamonds, including the De Beers Centenary Diamond and the Golden Jubilee Diamond.

In his video, he tells how Astralis is the culmination of a lifetime devoted to unlocking the brilliance in diamonds.

I met Gabi Tolkowsky when I visited Antwerp on my diamond pilgrimage last year and he is an inspiration.

Diamonds are a big part of our life at John Franich Jewellers and we are proud to present the Astralis range of diamonds to you.  

The Astralis is a diamond like no other. Visit JFJ to see the difference for yourself and be inspired too.

Yours in jewellery and diamonds, Jenni Franich

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