JFJ Sparkly Dreams Come True

You too can be one of those clever individuals who make their dreams come true.

ArtDesigner_Coffee & NotesWhen you're dreaming about the diamond ring or precious jewellery item that's perfect for you, how do you make your dreams come true?

Consider your options and make a practical plan.

Sometimes just imagining your dream has come true gets the stars aligning in your universe.

So be firm with yourself and stop any negative thoughts.

Instead, create a few doodles on the back of a napkin or in your notebook about your payment options, then consider the pros and cons of each. 

To help you develop your 'dream come true' plan, here are four options from the team at JFJ.


Option No.1 

Take a leaf out of your parents' book and think two practical words (or is that one word?).

What's that key word, you ask?  It's 'Lay-by', of course.

Lay-by could be your perfect option because it is interest free and worry free.

Pay a deposit at JFJ, then make regular payments. Make a strong start with a larger deposit or kick things off in a modest way with a deposit starting at 20%. 

You're on a journey to make your dreams come true. (After all, where there's a will, there's a way.)

We can give you a bank slip to set up regular payments. Or just call in-store with your lay-by payments. Choose the option that is easiest for you. 

Money Jar

And with lay-by, before you know it, that diamond ring is on your hand and everyone is commenting with astonishment.

(Little do they know, the 'practical you' enabled you to become a 'diamond girl' of distinction.)


Option No.2 

Take advantage of the Gilrose Finance facility at JOHN FRANICH JEWELLERS.

Just talk to our jewellery stylists who will be happy guide you through the application process. (They love diamonds and to help you make your dreams come true.)

Generally speaking, finance has never been more affordable.These days the interest rates are relatively low.

And when your finance is approved you get the enjoyment from buying and wearing your diamond ring or other precious jewellery that day.


Option No.3 

Q-Card. It's the New Zealand card for buying things that matter. 

Your perfect shopping partner, Q Card combines the benefits of a credit card with the
added ability to access a range of benefits.Q Card

  • You can apply for a Q Card online. Or visit in-store and ask our jewellery stylists to guide you through the process.

  • Once you have a new Q Card there’s no need to apply for more credit. Simply use your Q Card up to your pre-approved limit. 

  • For big ticket purchases Q Cardholders can get exclusive access to a range of long term interest-free deals and payment holidays



Option No.4

Decide that you have saved to make life worth living - and that you deserve to reward yourself or the one you love. 

It's a wonderful feeling when the 'right time' has arrived to pay by cashBecause every now and then it is the perfect time to make that special purchase:

  • You've reached that graduation, engagement, wedding, anniversary or eternity ring moment. 
  • You've become parents or grandparents, or an aunty or uncle. 
  • You achieved an important milestone in your career or personal life.
  • Or simply becauTravellingse life is for living and you want to create a special moment to remember.


Option No.5

If you are planning to travel overseas, consider buying your diamond and precious jewellery at the same time.

When you travel overseas, you can take advantage of your tax-free buying option at JOHN FRANICH JEWELLERS.

Consult with the jewellery stylists at JFJ who can guide you through the process.


See the Tolkowsky Diamonds & Other Precious Jewellery at JFJ

You've seen the payment options. Now see the jewellery (the fun part!).

Tolkowsky diamond ring

At JOHN FRANICH JEWELLERS, you'll find Tolkowsky diamonds and other precious jewellery that you'll be truly proud to give or wear.

Tolkowsky diamonds feature the 'Ideal Cut' for brilliant round diamonds, which was invented in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky.

Since then, neither computer nor man has developed a more perfect way to cut brilliant round diamonds. 

The Tolkowsky family puts seven generations of expertise and perfection into each diamond; they are truly brilliant.

Then Visit JFJ (in-store or online) to Put Your Plan into Action!

With the buying options at JFJ and a sensible plan that's right for you, it's easier to make your diamond and precious jewellery dream come true.

Start by visiting JOHN FRANICH JEWELLERS in-store (where we love to see you). Or visit us online (at www.jfj.co.nz) if you're starved for time. 

 Either way, feel free to pick up the phone and contact us to explore your options.

Choose your dream diamond ring or precious jewellery item at JOHN FRANICH JEWELLERS. (That's a special moment in itself!)

Then talk to us about the payment path that's right for you - and take that next step forward to make your diamond and precious jewellery dreams come true.





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