Jenni Franich - Uncut Diamond

You may have wondered about this photo of me looking at an un-cut diamond.  It was taken last year, when we were in Botswanta and Antwerp - on our diamond pilgrimage.

Antwerp has been the diamond capital of the world since the 16th Century.

That's where I met Gabi Tolkowsky.  He is revered in the world of diamonds.

Gabi TolkowskyOver seven generations, the Tolkowsky family has been driven by a passion to reveal unprecedented depths of fire and brilliance in diamonds.

From inventing the 'Ideal Cut' (that set the standard for today) through to cutting the largest diamond found in the world, you'll see the the name of Tolkowsky. (More . . .)

John Franich - Master Jeweller

At John Franich Jewellers we specialise in diamonds.

John is a master jeweller who designs and creates commissioned pieces and diamonds are a big part of our life.

So you can imagine how I felt meeting the renown Gabi Tolkowsky there at Antwerp on that memorable day.

Tolkowsky Ideal Cut diamonds unlock the perfect proportions needed to maximise their brilliance and dispersion of light. 

Tolkowsky Three Diamond Ring 
 . . 
All Tolkowsky Ideal Cut diamonds carry the cut specification of 'Ideal' in cut grade on the diamond certificate. 

That's the highest classification possible for any diamond in the world.

And each Tolkowsky diamond includes a unique identifier on the girdle of the diamond that is matched to the certificate (important for insurance and valuations - and for your own assurance).

See the Difference Yourself at JFJ

Call into John Franich Jewellers, ask to be shown our Tolkowsky collection and see the difference for yourself. (Contact our store in advance if you'd like a private consultation to discuss a commissioned piece with John Franich, master jeweller.)

You will never look at diamonds in quite the same way again.

Yours in jewellery and diamonds, Jenni Franich

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Tolkowsky - The Name that Changed Diamonds Forever