If you missed our launch of the new STORY range of jewellery, here's the inside story . . .

STORY Jewellery is very edgy and individual

STORY is a higher end, very edgy and inspired range that you can customise to reflect your personality and personal story.

Whether you want each element to have its own special meaning, or you simply wish to design a unique piece of jewellery, STORY provides edge and character to your personal style.

Check out the latest STORY concepts to see the range, which is uncompromising, individual and edgy . . .

Eventful Day!

We held the launch on Wednesday October 16th and was a gSTORY jewellery for a higher end edgy lookreat day as customers arrived to try, buy and just be part of our special event.

There was a wonderful buzz in the store; especially with the arrival of Geraldine Coughlan.

Geraldine is a truly inspirational stylist and she is also a gorgeous person (both inside and out).

Everyone enjoyed meeting Geraldine as she helped our FJ customers to put their selected STORY elements together to reflect their individual style.



Inspirational Stylist

Geraldine Coughlan Inspirational Stylist for STORY JewelleryGeraldine Coughlan grew up in the jewellery industry as the daughter of a highly successful opal miner.

That early immersion in the world of gemstones and jewellery means that Geraldine has a trained eye for quality.

She has a wealth of knowledge in both the retail and wholesale side of the jewellery business.

But there's more to Geraldine than that. The exposure to the jewellery industry throughout her childhood has helped Geraldine to develop strong sensibilities for quality, styling and fashion.

Geraldine has an eye for colour and textures and she instinctively knows how they will look together to create impact.

It is plain to see that STORY jewellery is her passion and this comes across to anyone who meets Geraldine.


Geraldine's Style & STORY

A Customer's Winning Story

Everyone who called in for the event had the opportunity to sign up for our email communications and enter our STORY prize draw.

Patricia Ahern (one of our lovely customers) won the prize draw and received a gorgeous, customised STORY bracelet.

It is so true, when we say that clothes make a statement but jewellery tells a STORY.

And, as our FJ prize winner (and a customer who enjoyed our eventful day), Patricia certainly has a fabulous story to tell about her new bracelet!

Visit our Facebook page to see our post on Patricia's winning moment.                                

Create Your Own STORY!

Make the most of our team of FJ jewellery stylists at Franich Jewellers. They can help you put together a cominbation of STORY elements to reflect your own personal style and story.                                                      

When you create your own unique set, you can add these items to your FJ wishlist or make them an immediate part of your personal jewellery collection. Either way, we'll be pleased to see you at FJ - instore or online.

Regards, Jenni Franich (see you in-store soon!)

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