JFJ_Remodelling ImageYou might not wear that old jewellery but it still means a great deal to you. Otherwise, you would have moved it out of your life by now.

They might be dated, but that doesn't mean those treasured but unworn items shouldn't see the light of day. Here's your opportunity to create an item so special, it will live on for generations to come.

Because you have an appreciation of the loved-ones who gave you those pieces. And you have an appreciation of the special times and relationships that each item represents, as well as the precious metals and stones they carry - that are truly a gift from nature.

Let me tell you the story of one of our fabulous clients. 'Debbie' wanted to do something special for her son and daughter-in-law. She knew they had a great appreciation for design and quality, and kept thinking about the old jewellery she had hidden away and gathering dust. 

Jewellery Box by artdesigner.lvSo she gathered up the various pieces and booked a consultation for the young couple to meet with John Franich, master jeweller. It was a lovely surprise for the young couple, and together they explored design options.

A few meetings later (and with a no-obligation quote sent to Debbie on her strict instructions) the family commissioned their own NZ made piece from JFJ.

For the young couple, it was a fairy tale moment to treasure; one shared by Debbie and her husband, as they passed on the special memories associated with each piece that had contributed to a new family heirloom. In the process, the two couples had added their own story to a piece that would be live on for generations to come.


Don't Leave Your Unworn Jewellery to Gather Dust - Each Piece has a Unique Story

With JOHN FRANICH JEWELLERS remodelling service, you can commission a piece that reflects your personal style, and that retains all the meaning that is imbued in those treasured but dated pieces.

Transform Your Unworn Jewellery from Dated to Delightful

You can transform your unworn jewellery from dated to delightful. In this very special way, you can ensure that the family stories imbued in each piece of unworn jewellery will live on for generations to come. And. through the individual design that you envisage, you can add your own story in the piece.

Book Your Free Consultation with John Franich, Master Jeweller

John Franich, Master JewellerTo start the process, book a free consultation with master jeweller, John Franich. Show John your unworn pieces and discuss the concept you have in mind. John will help you explore options and put together a no-obligation quote for you.

Receive a No-Obligation Quote 

Then, when you're ready to a commission your piece, he will apply the skill and knowledge he has developed through a distinguished career as a master jeweller.

Only Trust a Master Jeweller

JFJ Bespoke jewellery image - cropped

John was trained in the fine art of jewellery making by highly regarded master jewellers - and he now mentors jewellers who want to learn the time honoured craftsmanship that can only be handed through generations.

With so much jewellery created through computer assisted and cheap production methods, it's easy to see why discerning buyers seek out the craftsmanship of a true master jeweller. 


Create a Family Heirloom for Generations to Come

So, don't leave your unworn jewellery to be forgotten and passed over by generations to come. Instead, create a family heirloom from your unworn jewellery. Create a modern heirloom for your family that you can wear and enjoy today.

Combine a Bright Future with Treasured Items and Stories from the Past

Contact us today to book your free consultation with master jeweller, John Franich.


Yours in Jewellery, Jenni Franich
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Thanks to artdesigner.lv for the gorgeous jewellery box image used in this post.