Mossimo Dress Teamed With Pastiche Ring Pendant


Wednesday I'm Wearing . . .

Spring is in the air!

With the warmer weather, Susie is wearing her favourite Mossimo dress.

(Well, she is camera shy, so we pulled out this gorgeous manequin to show you the outfit.)

Susie has teamed her little black Mossimo dress with a Pastiche ring pendant from Franich Jewellers. Perfection!


Quandry . . .

Susie says, "I love wearing this outfit. But when I do, I leave my watch behind. It's a beautiful Longines watch in silver that my husband bought me for our wedding anniversary. I love it.

But, while it is a fabulous watch, it just doesn't seem right with this outfit."

Any suggestions Jenni?


Inspiration . . .

Jenni Franich responds:

"Hi Susie, our jewellery stylists absolutely love this type of challenge!

LeeAnne has been with Franich Jewellers for more than 4 years and has a great eye for jewellery styling.

Plus, she loves the tailored styling of Mossimo too!

I've asked her to come up with some suggestions.

We'll post them on Facebook. See you there!

Warm regards, Jenni Franich and the team."

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