Astralis by Gabi Tolkowsky

Diamonds with a remarkable character

Gabi Tolkowsky is the world's most celebrated diamond cutter and sixth generation of the renowned Tolkowsky diamond dynasty.

In a remarkable career spanning over 50 years, Gabi has cut the world's largest and most valuable diamonds including the De Beers Centenary diamond and the Golden Jubilee. In 2002, Gabi was knighted by the King of Belgium, with the title Chevalier de L'Ordre du Roi Leopold II, for his services to the diamond industry.

The remarkable Astralis diamond is Gabi Tolkowsky's signature creation and features a unique star in every culet. This demonstrates the perfection of the cut and a unique facet arrangement, resulting in stones which are up to 30% brighter.

Famed for their diamond cutting for nearly two centuries, the Tolkowsky dynasty is renowned for their passion and obsessive detail in unlocking the brilliance of every diamond that passes through their hands.


Three beautiful cuts, Round Brilliant,Cushion,Heart

one distinctive character

Using his experience from cutting the world's largest and most precious gems, Gabi Tolkowsky has been inspired to create the Astralis diamond. Using the same principles which he applied to the Centenary Diamond, he unlocks the brilliance in every precious stone.

Firstly, only the finest rough diamonds are hand selected for their suitability to be crafted as Astralis diamonds with each stone individually considered before it is selected.

Only the most experienced and gifted craftsmen, chosen from Tolkowsky's renowned team of diamond cutters are permitted to cut Astralis diamonds. Under the stewardship of Gabi Tolkowsky, they apply the most stringent and demanding levels of craftsmanship to achieve a masterpiece within each individual Astralis diamond.

Only Astralis diamonds, inspired by a lifetime devoted to unlocking brilliance, are entitled to actually bear the signature of Gabi Tolkowsky himself - every Astralis diamond features his signature on the girdle of the stone.

Astralis: Round Brilliant

Astralis Round Brilliant

With 89 facets, 32 facets more than a conventional cut, the Astralis Round Brilliant represents mastery in the craft of diamond cutting. With a visible 8 pointed star cut into the culet, a crown break and a deeper pavilion ensure greater beauty and light performance.

Astralis: Cushion

Astralis Cushion

A modern interpretation of a cut popular over one hundred years ago, the Astralis Cushion features over 70 facets. As with all Astralis diamonds, look for the Astralis star - your visual assurance of cutting excellence.


Astralis: Heart

Astralis Heart

The very finest craftsmanship meets the ultimate symbol of love. Every one of the 65 facets is meticulously polished to reveal the ultimate brilliance in a heart-shaped diamond.


Star Gazer

Astralis: Star Gazer The Astralis Star Gazer is included with every purchase of an Astralis diamond. Marvel at the beauty of the unique star effect within the Astralis diamond.

Certificate of Authenticity

Astralis: IGI Certificate

IGI Certificate

The Astralis Promise

The finest diamonds demand the highest reassurance. The Astralis Certification Portfolio provides you with the very highest standards of certification and confidence, both in the sourcing of your diamond, and also the facilities in which they are cut.

Cutting an Astralis diamond can take days of our artisan's time, only the very highest standards of diamond cutting are acceptable. Following the completion of the diamond, it is awarded the rarest of certificates - the Certificate of Authenticity. This details the full particulars of the diamond, including the original rough weight and the date it was polished by our craftsmen.

Furthermore, every Astralis diamond is accompanied with a certificate from the leading independent gemological laboratory, IGI. This is your further assurance of the cutting excellence.

Consumer Confidence

Astralis diamonds are manufactured to the most exacting specifications. Our rough diamond intake and manufacturing facilities are industry leading and independently audited to ensure that we uphold the highest best practice principles.

Furthermore, the Astralis diamond is accompanied by the following undertaking:

  • Every rough diamond is sourced from Kimberley compliant sources, guaranteeing that your diamond is conflict-free as well as perfectly cut.
  • Every diamond is fully traceable through our own polishing facility, by our own craftsmen.
  • Every Astralis diamond is accompanied by two diamond certificates - your guarantee of diamond cutting excellence.
  • Each diamond is independently certified.

John Franich Jewellers are delighted to be the exclusive stockist in West Auckland of the Astralis Diamond, the diamond with a star in the culet.