Black Zirconium Rings

Zirconium begins as a grayish white metal that is very similar to Titanium--it is relatively lightweight, is skin-friendly (no nickel), and is primarily used in nuclear reactors due to its high heat and corrosion resistance.  Once heated, the exposed portion of the metal oxidises black, feeling much like a ceramic. 

Unlike Tungsten rings, which can shatter, Black Zirconium rings are shatterproof. Ziro rings are jet black in colour, and are similar in weight to titanium--much lighter than Tungsten. Black Zirconium rings can be customised such as size, width, thickness, texture, inlay metals, so that your ring is a true original.  Because tungsten rings are mass produced there is nothing inherently special or unique about them--and no options to customise. 

Black Zirconium Rings, as well as Titanium and Steel rings can be cut off of the finger if necessary.

Black zirconium rings are customisable which means the width, thickness, finger size and combination with other metals eg gold, silver, titanium, platinum can be personalised to met individual needs. By blending unique finishes, textures, and inlays such as rose gold and diamonds these wedding bands are extremely duarable and unlike anyting else able to be purchased in most jewellery stores.

With normal daily wear black zirconium rings are extremely durable. 

If you scrape it hard across the pavement, wear it rock climbing, smash it against very abrasive surfaces, or cut it with diamonds, you can cut through the oxidized layer and reveal the white metal. A totally impossible to scratch black wedding ring material does not exist.  

If you know you're going to be digging in gravel, doing something where you should be absolutely wearing gloves but aren't, or are performing any type of job where jewellery is forbidden for safety reasons , then take off any and all jewellery