Diamond Safari

On Sunday March 10th, a group of Nationwide Jewellers’ members depart for a trip to Botswana to tour the Debswana Jwaneng Diamond Mine, the richest mine in the world. The mine lies in south central Botswana, approx 160km from the capital of Botswana, Gabarone.

The Jwaneng pipe was discovered in1972 by de Beers prospectors and a partnership was formed between the Government of Botswana and de Beers, forming Debswana.

In one year Jwaneng produced 11.5 million carats of diamonds. Generally it takes processing 10 tonnes of ore to obtain the equivalent of 2.5carats of diamonds.

This group of retailers shall be the second group ever to visit this open pit mine where security is paramount. The group shall be accompanied by guards and can only take in passports and security passes.We also visit the Diamond Trading Centre (De Beers) in Botswana, a modern purpose built building where the diamond rough is sorted by machinery before being inspected by loupe, to be followed by a tour of the Hearts & Arrows (Tolkowsky) cutting factory.

From Africa to Antwerp in Belgium where 80% of the world’s diamonds are traded. As your personal broker I will select diamonds for you from the vast inventory, only available in Antwerp where we buy direct from the Diamond Sightholders. The Diamond can also be laser engraved with a unique number.

You decide the size and quality of the diamonds you would like to own – it may be for a new ring, upsize an existing diamond, a pair of earrings or for a Special Occasion – Birthday, Anniversary, Mother of the Bride, Graduation, Easter or Christmas, Family Heirloom or Gift.

For the most desirable of all gemstones and the opportunity to acquire the ‘Diamond of Your Dreams’ and with less than a week to go, contact me on 09 8366258, 0212729185 or info@johnfranichjewellers.co.nz