Diamonds Come in Many Colours

You will find that the colour of a diamond is one of the four most important characteristics. Along with cut, clarity, and carat weight. When it comes to colour, there is an amazing array of choices. This makes the deciding process just that much harder.  

Currently in demand are the white, blue and pink diamonds. But they also come in many other colours such as white, yellow, champagne, orange, green, red, purple, gray, brown and black.  

Absence of Colour

A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond is transparent having no colour. Most diamond gemstones will have some sort of colour and will not be perfect. The finest diamonds are those that are totally colourless.  Also known as a white diamond.  When they are colourless, they are free of any colour and are given a D grade on the colour scale.

Slight Colour

Most Diamonds have slight traces of colour which can be seen by a diamond expert. But when assembled into a finished jewelry piece, most traces of colour cannot be noticed.  These slightly coloured diamonds are graded E or F on the colour scale.

Diamonds which show very little traces of colour are categorized as having a G or H colour.  Depending on the strength of the colour these diamonds can even get a grade of I or J.


Gemologists and the jewelry industry have another grading system for" Fancy" colored diamonds that is different from that used for white diamonds. However, this is not commonly used because these stones are relatively rare. 

The colour seen grade Z or "Fancy" diamonds either detracts or enhances its value.  Grade Z colours include bright yellow, intense pink or blue. These "Fancy" diamonds also command a higher price.

Developed by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA):

Colour & Grading

Colourless -  D to F

Near Colourless -  G to J

Slightly Coloured - K to M

Light Yellow to Brown - N to Y

Yellow, Pink, Blue (rare) - Z

Diamonds with a Z-grade are rare.  These are bright yellow diamonds and priced higher.

 When it comes to diamonds there are so many choices. Take your time and think about all of your options.  Most of all, enjoy their beauty!

Ref: Chris Seidler SoCal Marketing Agency