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Take Advantage of Our Jewellery Stylists . . .   

When you wear jewellery, you express your individuality.

And our team of jewellery stylists at Franich Jewellers love nothing more than to help you to explore ways to do just that.

They can help you browse and try the jewellery you'd like most.

At Franich Jewellers we specialise in diamonds and custom jewellery, and we offer a discerning range of gorgeous leading brand jewellery - starting at just $25.


Bring In Your Ideas 

So bring in your iPhone or iPad, complete with images of that special or favourite outfit.

(Or go even further and create a mood board, to show the style of the invitation, venue, your stying ideas, etc.)

Or just bring yourself in (and those images in your head).


Talk to Our Jewellery Stylists

Chat with one of our jewellery stylists and discuss what you want to achieve.

They can show you a range of items to perfectly complement the way you want to look and feel.

The jewellery stylists here at Franich Jewellers know all the items in our wide range of leading brands (including those items not yet on display).

Your Franich Jewellers stylist can help you select items that inspire you to remember (or create!) that special moment.

They can help you make selections that both reflect and enhance your individual style.


Add to Your Wish List  . . .

When you select the jewellery of your heart's desire, you can add the item to your Franich Jewellers wish list.

That way, your loved-ones will always know what to get you for Christmas or that special occasiion.

Just let them know that you have a wish-list at Franich Jewellers.


Tell Your Loved-Ones About Your Wish-List

Your Franich Jewellers wish-list is a great option for your time-starved loved-ones.

They want to select the perfect gift but they struggle to fit in the time to shop.

Or, let's face it, they want to make their purchases in double quick time.

For them, the less time shopping - the better.


Get Them to Phone Us, or Call In

Knowing that you have a wish-list at Franich Jewellers means gift-giving is so much easier for your loved-ones.

To buy their gifts, they simply phone our store or visit our store (with or without an appointment).

Your stylist at Franich Jewellers will discuss your wish-list with your loved-one.

And show them the item - either in-store or online.


Then, with the purchase made, we will gift-wrap the item (beautifully).

For phone orders, we can deliver the item to the address specified by the buyer.

Or, if preferred, we can hold the item in-store for personal pick up.


It's the Thought That Counts

Knowing that someone truly understands you, and cares enough to find out what you really like, makes you feel very special.

So your loved-one will know they got it right.

That's the pleasure in gift-giving. For the thought to count, it does need thought.

So tell your loved-ones that, when they're thinking of what to get you (no matter the price-point), they can take advantage of the Franich Jewellers wish-list service.


All Price-Points Covered, Plus Finance & Tax-Free Purchase Options

We have a range of gorgeous items at a range of price-points, starting at just $25.

To us, quality is about design, materials and craftsmanship (not price).

So at Franich Jewellers we cover all price points and there really is something for everyone.


Yes - Franich Jewellers accepts Westfield Gift Cards.  

 And, if desired, we can help you arrange finance (with Gilrose Finance).

Plus we can arrange tax-free purchases for those of you who are travelling.

That's value. Just talk to one of our jewellery stylists for more or information.


Beautifully Gift Wrapped & Delivered - Easy!

When you are creating your wish-list, make sure to select items across a range of price-points.

Then, armed with your wish-list and in next to no time, our jewellery stylists can help your loved-one to make the selection and purchase.

All complete with free gift-wrapping and delivery. (Easy is one thing; beautifully easy is quite another!)


Or Treat Yourself

That feeling of anticipation is all part of the gift-giving season.

But sometimes, you just can't wait. And why should you?

There's something to that song, 'Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves'. (In my book, that philosophy applies to brothers, as well!)


In that case, treat yourself.

Add to your wish-list or make your jewellery selection an immediate purchase.

Either way, we love our customers.

And we'll be very pleased to see you (and your loved-ones) at Franich Jewellers - instore (and by phone) or online.


May All Your (Wish-List) Wishes Come True!

May all your wish-list-wishes come true!

Yours in gift-giving and the festive season. Regards, Jenni Franich and the team

Franich Jewellers is the place where you can find diamonds and jewellery you'll be proud to own. We offer custom designs. private collections, and fine jewellery from brands such Pandora, Thomas Sabo, Karen Walker Jewellery, Ice-watch, Swarovski and Bering Watches and more.


Franich Jewellers 
(for diamonds & quality jewellery you'll be proud to own)

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  • Nationwide Jewellers New Zealand - Member of the Year - 2012 
  • Winner of Westfield WestCity Best New Retailer - 2010
  • Auckland TOP SHOP® Winner - 2010
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