The 4 C’s of Diamonds

Part III - The Clarity

The clarity in a diamond refers to its optical quality (the extent to which the diamond is free of natural imperfections) and purity of the stone. Most gemstones naturally have impurities, called inclusions. But the select few are flawless.

Grading of Clarity is based on the size, number and position of any internal imperfections or flaws; tiny spots, black, white or other colours; cracks; crystals. Diamond blemishes are flaws on the exterior surface from the cutting and polishing process. A diamond that is virtually free of inclusions or blemishes is of the highest quality because nothing interferes with the dispersion of light through the diamond, and this factor helps determine the value.

Most imperfections are not visible to the naked eye and require 10x magnification. The GIA international grading system takes into consideration how many inclusions, where the inclusions are positioned in the stone and how they affect its appearance.
Diamond Clarity Table