Diamond At Centre Of Engagement Ring Resurgence  -  The diamond is back at the centre of the institution of engagement again, according to the New York Times. Despite the advancement of equality in today’s society, most women still expect men to get down on one knee, extract the black velvet box from their pocket with perfect precision, and to experience that magical Cinderella moment, the paper reports. The drama and suspense of posing the big question is part of the allure of the engagement ring, experts are quoted as saying. And despite the advances in feminism and the increasing push for gender equality, little has changed when it comes to a marriage proposal — women still want to be asked. The Millennial generation has, however, brought about a small but significant change. The would-be brides are now taking a more active role in the choice of the ring and diamond. De Beers head designer Hollie Bonneville Barden is quoted as saying, “In the past several years, there’s been a shift and the woman has more input on what ring she’s going to get. Today, it’s rare to find a man who comes in by himself to pick out the ring, as it’s become a couple’s purchase.” Bonneville Barden adds, “Some men offer a fake engagement ring as a placeholder and then the couple picks out the ring together. He still gets down on one knee, but she has a say in what kind of ring she will get.” While While the giving of an engagement ring can be traced back at least as far as the 15th century, the presenting of a diamond as part of the marriage proposal has had a relatively short history. The report credits De Beers and the marketing campaign it initiated in 1938 as beginning the diamond engagement ring tradition. The 1947 rollout of the famous “A Diamond Is Forever” slogan cemented the diamond’s place as the gemstone symbolising a marriage proposal