So you have purchased an expensive timepiece and you want to keep its timeless elegance. Excellent care is a must in this matter and keeping it protected is very essential for its effective operation and extended life.

Actually, making your timepiece last long only requires regular awareness as well as regular maintenance. Cleaning is also important and this can be done by sending your watch to a watch repair and service centre. Apart from that, here is a list of things that you can do so as to prevent your watch from getting damaged:

• Wear any chain or bracelet separately with your watch.

If you are wearing your wrist watch on your left wrist then your other accessories such as your bracelet should be on the right. Wrist jewellery comes with a potential to rub and cause scratches on the sides or on the face of your watch. You can wear any bracelet with your wrist watch on the same wrist but you choose only a bracelet that is made of either thin leather or fabric. Any metallic bracelet can cause damage to your timepiece.

• Keep your watch out of severely hot temperature. Keep your watch in a cool, dry place.

The room must not be warmer than 140 degrees Fahrenheit and not colder than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme cold or heat can affect the way lubricants within the mechanics of your watch permit the timepiece itself to work.

• Do not wear your watch when performing any strenuous activity.

When you play sports or get involved in activities like rock climbing, you should not wear your watch to keep it free from damage. While most watches could take a few hits, too many would definitely lead to serious damage to it. This is also the reason why you should avoid any accidental dropping of your watch to the ground. Alternatively, you can make use of a cheap timepiece which you will not mind getting scratched or dirty. There are more options available which are designed mainly for wear and tear in case you need to wear a wristwatch for a highly energetic activity.

• Avoid wearing your watch when applying cosmetics or fragrances.

While these are acceptable to your body, there are some chemicals present in cosmetic products and fragrances that can interfere with the water resistant feature or the watch’s operation. Keep your watch out of the bathroom while you are getting yourself ready for a day. Remember that your watch should be the last item that you will put on when grooming.

• Keep your timepiece apart from magnets.

Magnets are typically present in laptops and televisions so you must keep your watch away from these electromagnetic devices, as well as magnetic underlays etc. You should never put your watch on top of your laptop as it can cause damage. The magnets will adversely affect the way those metal components within your timepiece work that will eventually affect the operation of it. This tip is not applicable to digital watches and to any watches that are not depending on gear mechanics. As much as you can, search for anti-magnetic watches that include technology in order to avoid damage that can be caused by magnets.

Following these tips starting today will guarantee you that your watch will last longer than expected. In this way, you will be getting the best return from your hard earned investment