Two is better than one: colour is powerfully back at Ice-Watch with the new ICE duo collection. Super-trendy watches that are all about colour contrasts: anthracite and yellow, dusty and coral, pink and mint, or black and orange... Which watch will suit you best?

Each model appeals by combining a subtle shade for the dial and top of the wrist strap, and a strong colour for the hands, inner circle and bottom of the wrist strap.
Its 18 two-tone watches at the cutting edge of fashion will match every wardrobe and every occasion. Wear them at any age for a dynamic touch that is never boring!


ICE duo
Model: ICE
Sizes: Small and Unisex
18 references – 9 in small size and 9 in unisex size
Available in stores June 2016
RRP for Small and unisex: NZ $150.00