When I look at a diamond or a coloured gem stone, I am so intrigued that Mother Earth has created such beauty from within over millennia.

 When you think about that, you wonder why some people are driven by price rather than the value and exquisite nature and faceting of the piece. Why would you discount the expertise that is involved in mining, sorting, grading, cutting and polishing these mysterious gems of nature.

 Especially when you know the meaning behind the purchase - for that engagement, or anniversary, or birthday. Often, our jewellery tells the story of our lives. It captures those shared moments.

At John Franich Jewellers, we provide a range of jewellery for discerning customers - with merchandise across a wide range of price points.

 The range includes both fashion and fine jewellery, and our services include custom making, remodelling and repairing jewellery and watches.

 Visit us in store or online to see the range, which includes Swarovski, Thomas Sabo, Stow and our curated range of fine jewellery.

You will not only find our beautiful jewellery, you will receive our expert customer service - tailored to your needs.