Do You Know the 3 Mistakes Made with Damaged Jewellery?

1- Wearing it despite the damage - claws that catch, dodgy clasps, loose stones.... Don't risk more costly repairs later, or loss of gemstones or even the whole thing. We'll repair it for less than you might think.

2- Leaving broken jewellery languishing in a drawer - broken chains, busted bracelets, chipped gemstones, worn out rings.....We'll help you wear them again with pride.

3- Thinking it's expensive to repair - we've been making, resizing and repairing jewellery for yonks! We're cost effective and will repair just about anything.

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Today  a customer brought in a padlock bracelet for repair, blaming the previous repair done years ago at another business for the padlock hasp not closing securely. After explaining the reasons for the problem, what the repair entails and a price estimate the customer requested I write on the job packet for the jeweller to do a quality repair. My gobsmacked response was that we have only one standard, and that is a high standard with consistent quality repair,not a choice.