Local jewellers matter.

Choosing the right jewellery relies on professional advice and there is no better place for professional advice on jewellery than your local independent jeweller, John Franich Jewellers.

While the mass retailers spend a lot of money pitching deals, local jewellers have a bigger, deeper and more valuable connection with the local community. Their specialist knowledge and careful buying gives you access to products and services you can trust.

When it really matters, the local specialist services of a good local jeweller beat big businesses or online businesses every time. 

John Franich Jewellers employs local people. These people have local knowledge. You can build a relationship with them and shop with them through a range of life occasions. You can trust their advice. You're a friend, not another shopping basket through the door.

Buying from JFJ means buying from someone whom you can trust, it is better for the customer, better for the community and better for your loved-ones.

This is why local jewellers matter.

John Franich Jewellers employs people who love jewellery and our clients. We can enhance the experience with advice and other services. We share your passion. Your purchase is part of our passion.

Big businesses and online businesses probably don't know who you are. The staff at JFJ will know you and your area. They can tell you about our products.

As your local jeweller you are greeted with a smile and a handshake. Personal service means a lot, especially if your purchase is important to you.

Thank you for shopping with John Franich Jewellers. We appreciate your business and look forward to meeting you again.