we are



 We are lolaandgrace, a fresh new jewellery and accessories brand, part of the Swarovski group.


Whatever we do, we do full-heartedly. Whether we work or play, during day or night, we are here to put a cherry on top of life. Because as the famous hashtag says, you only live once. So join us, seize opportunities and let’s turn them into exceptional experiences.

 Lets #make the moment

We love to dream big - to be worn and wanted by all young women in all relevant markets around the world.

We believe in the ideal that confidence is your greatest accessory and we are on a mission to turn life's opportunities into moments  worth sharing. Everything we do is about #makethemoment.

We create must-have-it-now products. Our jewellery isd esigned to make the moment. It boosts any outfit, mood and occasion.

Our products have a strong mix-and-match character and go from easy- to- wear to dare-to-wear. Fashion appeal meets timeless femininity that is constantly renewed throughout the season. Our product mastery means you get refined execution and a quality that exceeds expectations, enhanced by the beauty of Swarovski crystals. We are an accessible brand that is relecant and affordable with an excellent price-to-value ratio.

We have  a great personality. we are bold, feminine,fun-loving,vibrant,easy-going and contemporary.

Our audience is the independent woman with a zest for life. We love her for being style-conscious, creating her own path in life and occasionally going off the beaten track. She expects the best and makes the most of the least.

She knows lolaandgrace for being the cherry on the cake that completes her outfit and gives her the confidence and optimism to make the moment.