Free to Be

More than just a designer, an artist.More than just jewellery, a sculpture.

Further on in time,

Further forward.

Gold that wraps around the gem.

The diamond that illuminates the stone.

The pearl that rocks on the swing.

The bird that flies. The owl that meditates.

Climbing ivy. perfumed wisteria.

The womb of an apple.

Spears and shields.

Water and Fire. Wind and Earth.

Fragments of Nature.


Beyond fashions. Among fashions.

Beyond cultures. Among cultures.

Clock hands that dance.

Evoking the past.

Embracing the future.

Material, form and content.

Life, light and warmth.

Dream and reality.

Wealth and poverty. Colour.

Movement and sound. Perfume.


Male and female.


Free to be.

This is Misani.