what to do if you hate your engagement ring

hate your engagement ring

Have you ever wondered what you should do, if you hate your engagement ring. I know hate is a very strong word, and most ladies would be happy with whatever their partner chose.

But for some the engagement ring is their most prized possession, so it simply has to be perfect.  

So if you find yourself in the position with an engagement ring that is not your dream ring, don’t panic. There are always things you can do to make sure your engagement ring is perfect – the way you always dreamed it would be. Here are a few options that you have up your sleeve if you hate your engagement ring. 

Timing To Tell Him You Hate Your Engagement Ring

If you are really unhappy with the engagement ring your partner has chosen for you. Telling him, when he is down on one knee professing his love for you, might not be the right time. Soak up the moment, and just enjoy the journey of being engaged. If you find that you still hate your engagement ring after a couple of weeks, then it might be a good sign that the engagement ring is not the perfect ring for you. If you decide that your engagement isn’t the ring for you, then you need to choose the perfect time to have the conversation with your partner. Choose a time when both of you are relaxed, a good option is after a romantic dinner, where you both have the time to talk openly. 

Communication About Why You Hate Your Engagement Ring

What to do if you hate your engagment ring

Good communication is the key. Make sure you partner understands that it isn’t a reflection on the commitment you share to beginning your new life together. Understand that your partner, has probably put a lot of thought into choosing your engagement ring. Spent many hours researching and going from shop to shop, trying to find “The One”. It may have also been one of the most significant purchases of his life. Remember above all, he really wants you to be happy. Speaking from a guys perspective, i would want my wife to tell me, if she didn’t like something that i gave her. The worst scenario in my mind, would be to find out 20 years later that she never liked her engagement ring. Another way to explain it to your partner, is to imagine that they could only wear one shirt for the rest of their life, i am sure that they would want to make sure they really loved it. 

Exchange It – If You Hate Your Engagement Ring

The best option here is to talk to the jewellery store where the ring was purchased. Any reputable jewellery store that is interested in keeping their clients happy, will be invested enough to help you with find an option that you are happy with. The first thing to keep in mind, if you go down the path of changing your engagement ring is to be clear on what it is exactly that you don’t like about your engagement ring. The worst outcome, would be to change the engagement ring, to something new, only to be unhappy with your second choice, and have to go through the process again. 

Modify It – If You Hate Your Engagement Ring

Sometimes the thing you don’t like about the ring might be only minor. If the alteration you are wanting is not to major it might be possible to modify it. Things that are easy to do, are things like changing the profile of the band. For example, if you ring has a flat profile or a knife edge, you are able to soften the edges and make it look more round, giving it a more dainty finer look. Setting heights can also be lowered, if you feel the engagement ring is too high.

Remember issues of the heart always need to be treated with care. So make sure you always tell your partner how much you love them. Pick the right moment, and if you think it might help, buy him the gold club set that he has been eyeing off to soften the blow.

Would love to hear your thoughts, If you didn’t love your engagement ring, how did you tell your partner, and what did you do?