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 The Roman emperor Claudius made it illegal for his soldiers to marry, as he feared that it would make them reluctant to leave their families to go to war. 

However, the priest Valentine kept performing marriages between young lovers in secret; when his actions were discovered he was arrested.
While he was in prison, he cured the jailer’s blind daughter and wrote her a farewell note signed “From your Valentine.”

 Many years after Valentine’s death, he was declared a saint and Pope Gelasius dedicated February 14th, the day of his death, to his honour.


According to an ancient belief, birds will choose their mates on February 14. 
This added to the association of love and lovers with Valentine’s Day and during this period, depictions of doves and lovebirds came to symbolise eternal love.

 The modern Valentine’s Day tradition was started by Charles, Duke of Orleans. 

On February 14 in 1415, he wrote the oldest known Valentine, a love poem to his wife, while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London.

 In the 1700s intricate handmade cards carrying messages of love became hugely popular, and heart shapes were often used as decorations.

Small tokens of affection or handwritten notes were also exchanged between friends.


The first commercial Valentine’s cards were introduced by American, Esther Howland. 
The Victorian flower language established the tradition of associating the rose with love. 
Cupid, the Roman god of love, was also a popular motif.

 By the 1950s, the custom of exchanging not only cards but all manner of gifts including chocolates, flowers and jewellery were firmly established.

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