The beauty of gold attracts humans like a magnetic field. While other metals and elements have also been coveted over time, somehow gold has always been preferred over them all.

 How women are wearing their gold

The trends in jewellery design and fashions are always flexible and lately we are seeing both old and new ways women are wearing gold jewellery with a recent resurgence in yellow gold.

The international trend is for engagement and wedding rings moving back to yellow gold. Girls are wearing hoop earrings similar to those their mothers wore and big hoops are on trend.  Men are swaying back to gold wedding rings.  


The layered look is en pointe both with necklaces and to a lesser extent with bracelets.  A variety of lengths of finer chains are being ordered, varying from 38cm for a choker to 65cm or longer, with or without a pendant. And for the men, bigger solid, chunky “gangster style” curb chains.  



Long gold chains with a statement pendant is timeless, easily worn with most outfits, and makes for a talking point.


 Fine stackable rings in all hues of gold set with diamonds or coloured gemstones are predicted to stay on trend for the upcoming summer season and are an affordable introduction to gold jewellery.     


The right colour of gold to match your skin

People select a colour of gold as a personal choice, often instinctively to match their skin colour. Skin with a pinkish fair tone suits rose gold or a rose & white gold combination. Olive skin or skin that tans can wear yellow gold and it looks fabulous. Try each colour of gold and see which suits your look.

The more one learns to understand and appreciate gold jewellery, then the different tones and styles are also appreciated even as taste changes.


Gold jewellery’s unmatched investment appeal

With the advent of Pandora and similar fashion brands the gold jewellery industry had serious competition. While these brands remain popular and bring in significant market share customers know they are often short-term fashion pieces and do not retain their value as gold jewellery does nor last the test of time. Consumers are looking for better quality and value in gold.

Gold has historically been seen as a store of wealth, particularly in times of financial uncertainty. Gold jewellery naturally inherits this understood value and sense of luxury.