Sea of Sparkle, the new Spring/Summer 16 Collection

Swarovski launches new Spring/Summer 16 Sea of Sparkle Collection with beautiful under-the-sea hues.
Shimmering shades of turquoise, aquamarine and bold pinks are the dominant colors of Swarovski’s latest Spring/Summer 16 collection, inspired by the world’s beautiful seas and oceans. With dramatic hues and shapes emulating aquatic flora, the collection is beautifully daring and brings color and energy to any outfit. Nathalie Colin, Swarovski’s Creative Director, explains, “The sea is a wholly organic and endless source of beauty and the perfect inspiration for our spring/summer jewelry collection. As well as celebrating the beauty of nature, each piece offers a sophisticated, feminine elegance that is perfect for almost any occasion.”


Spring style kicks off with a seasonal twist on an old favorite, drawing Stardust and Slake bangles together in a braided, textured bracelet, available in a variety of shades. The bangles can be stacked together to create a whirl of color, or worn individually to add a touch of sparkle to any outfit. Nathalie Colin, Creative Director, loves wearing a range of bangles to compliment her outfit, “I love to stack and mix rigid bangles with supple ones to create a personal style that also reflects the on-trend color mood of the season’. The Slake Dot is also a key feature of the bracelet, a crystal cut in a new and unique way for dazzling effects.

As spring slips into summer, Swarovski celebrates sea life through bold colors, geometric shapes and coral-like contours. Starfish, Seahorse-inspired curls and shellfish shapes all feature heavily within the collection, alongside hidden clasps and pendants for all-round glamour. The daring Eminence necklace features stacked crystals, set using the state-of-the-art Pointiage technique for maximum impact, and slim baguette crystals for a contemporary look. The necklace is best worn against a backdrop of brilliant white for full effect, or against one of the etheral tones of the necklace to draw the eye to a favorite color.