Swarovski - Secret Treasures

During the second half of 2013 the Swarovski journey continues from Tropical Paradise to a new thoughtful, sensual and mysterious collection, uncovering the Secret Treasures found along the Old Silk Road in the Far East. The Old Silk Road is a legendary route that tracks the manufacture and production of silk from its origins in Ancient China and the orient to its use in couture and furnishings in Europe.

The colour strategy for this collection is based around a magical fire that illuminates the season with its warm and generous flames.The four main tones are Magma Reds - warm, fiery tones which also work perfectly for the festive season; Lunar Lava - commercial blacks and icy lava and white; Arctic Blues - another key trend colour, a mystical range of blues starting with deep navy; Purple Pleasures - a gorgeous mix of seductive and sensual purple tones.

Secrets of Asia - Classic Harmony. The first stop is inspired by Holistic Harmony to reconnect with ourselves and find inner balance represented in colours of gold and black and white, yin and yang. Key pieces include Stone pendant and earrings, the long gold Veda pendant  perfect to lengthen and slim your silhouette and with matching earrings. Fit earrings now in fabulous black.

Secrets of Himalaya - Crystal Serenity. The second stop is the awe inspiring Himalayas with products inspired by the crystalline ice structures and cool colours with key pieces long Sage pendant, the Vita family with exquisite cut crystal and exclusive Pointiage, the Vanilla collection.

Secrets of India - Sparkle in Style. An abundance of colour in jewel hues, layers of crystal create a unique embroidery and stacked bangles allow you to express your individuality , with the much loved slake in new colours being a key piece for Banglemania, the layered bangle look being here for another seaon.

Secrets of Venice - Festive Elegance. In Venice the focus is on the art of seduction with sensual purple tones, mixed textures, and architectural silhouettes with my favourite key piece the Smoothly crossover pendant. Large pendants add drama to any outfit and look great with V necks.The Venetie family includes a long cuff, a statement item which can balance an outfit or be worn with long sleeves.

Then to the ultimate city for fun and festivity - New York with gorgeous sets in crystal mesh and baguette crystal. Versatile jewellery to suit all budgets.

Enjoy the journey with us on Thursday August 15th from 10am-7pm when you are invited  to join our instore style experts Michelle, Amy and Jeanette for tips and information on how to wear the new Swarovski collection.http://www.jfj.co.nz/swarovski.html