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The Tolkowsky diamond jewellery collection is available exclusively at John Franich Jewellers.

Astralis Diamond

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Astralis by Gabi Tolkowsky. Diamonds with a remarkable character. 

The star at the heart of the Astralis diamond is absolutely mesmerising. And with the star gazer device, you will be able to look at the heart of your diamond time and again, and marvel at the perfection of the Astralis cut.

Gabi Tolkowsky is the world's most revered diamond cutter. His is a remarkable career spanning over 50 years. All Astralis diamonds are cut under his stewardship. And all of his Astralis diamonds are a cut above the rest.

Tolkowsky Diamonds - A Cut Above (come into JFJ & see the difference)

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At John Franich Jewellers we specialise in diamonds. John is a master jeweller who makes commissioned pieces and diamonds are a big part of our life.

So you can imagine how I felt meeting the renown Gabi Tolkowsky, the master diamond cutter from the Tolkowsky family dynasty, there at Antwerp on that memorable day.

You know in your heart when you have met that special someone. But how do you know that you have chosen the right diamond - a diamond that you'l be proud to own?

There are a lot of diamonds on the market, but not all are equal. Some are a cut above the rest. And, depending where you buy, price is not always an indicator. So you need to know the quality of the diamond you're choosing.

And that means you need to know some of the basics. Let me tell you how the inner brillaince of the diamond is revealed. And the story of the Tolkowsky Diamond Dynasty.  These two stories are inspeparable . . . 

Tolkowsky - The Name that Changed Diamonds

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Tolkowsky Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings were changed forever by Marcel Tolkowski. A Belgian master whose perfection of the Diamond cutting art has established one of the worlds highest quality brands for Diamond Rings and Earrings. Tolkowsky are world leaders for clarity and brilliance in their Diamond Rings and Earrings. We think this is due to their understanding that perfect Diamonds, are hand crafted by masters.

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