Wedding Anniversaries

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  • Wedding Anniversaries

 Do you Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary?

 How do you Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary?

 Does your family  have particular Wedding Anniversary rituals?

Black Zirconium Wedding Rings

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Black Zirconium Rings......

Wednesday I'm Wearing - Our Perfect Wedding

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Our Perfect Wedding: January 18th proved to be a perfect Auckland  Day for our family, for one of Life's Special Moments, the wedding of our daughter Shannon to her long time beau, Philip McDaid.

Wednesday I'm Wearing . . . Wedding Guest Attire

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When there's a wedding in the family, it's an exciting time for everyone. But there are lots of decisions - and that can be tough!

For the guests, there's the decision about what gift to give the bridal couple.

That's closely followed by another biggie . . . 'what to wear'! 

Jeanette, one of our talented JFJ stylists will be a guest at Shannon's wedding. Jeanette has chosen a stunning outfit to wear on the day. Today, Jeanette gives us a sneak preview, and shares her styling thoughts and inspiration.

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