Harnessing the "Divorce Ring" Market

Every jeweller knows the emotional value of a classic gold wedding ring - but what happens to the ring when the marriage ends in divorce? A recent online discussion board asked for people to share the fate of their discarded wedding rings. Some people simply sold their ring while one woman was inspired by her own divorce to start a business called Wedding Ring Coffin where she sells miniature mahogany coffins containing ring inserts, so customers can literally 'bury the past'.

Many wedding rings were remodelled into a new item of jewellery, such as a brooch or nose ring, or added a new setting of gemstones.

From our experience the gold has been given to children, remodelled into other jewellery items, polished and reused for the next marriage, tossed in the open doorway with a call to  'Catch".

A 1950s etiquette guide suggests resizing the ring for the pinkie finger to show the owner is single again.\