Tolkowsky is a name synonymous with the finest diamonds in the world. When the youngest member of the Tolkowsky dynasty creates a new jewellery collection, the results will never be less than stunning.

Jean Paul Tolkowsky’s collection carries not just the legacy of 200 years’ diamond cutting experience, but a flair and brilliance in design and craftsmanship that is unparalleled. The Tolkowsky collection is now available exclusively at John Franich Jewellers in West Auckland.

 Jean Paul Tolkowsky is the seventh member of this generation of diamantaires, who began working as jewellers at the start of the eighteenth century, on the border of Poland and Russia. In the 1840s, Abraham and his three sons moved to Antwerp, the centre of diamond manufacturing and \technology. The Tolkowsky family started making jewellery for the nobility, but very shortly thereafter began to work closely on the technical side of diamond cutting.

Abraham’s son Maurice invented the diamond bruting machine, fundamental to creating a perfectly round stone, while Maurice’s nephew Marcel invented the Ideal Cut, regarded universally as the supreme cut for a modern round diamond.

 In 1956, Abraham’s great grandson Gabi followed the family tradition and became a master diamond cutter; he is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s greatest experts. In more recent years, he has been joined by his son Jean Paul. Together, father and son worked on the De Beers Centenary Diamond. Starting in 1988, it took three years’ work, in a secret underground location free from any vibration, to cut the 599 carat rough diamond, to create the 273.85 carat, 247 facet, largest D flawless diamond in the world. The Tolkowsky partnership also worked on the world’s largest polished diamond – The Golden Jubilee – a 755.50 carat rough stone, yellow brown rough, which was transformed into a 545.65 carat yellow-brown, brilliant cushion-cut stone, which was presented to the King of Thailand.

 Jean Paul’s vision is to turn these exquisite diamonds into the finest classic contemporary collection, with something to appeal to everyone – from majestic one carat gold-set solitaires, with delicate pavé stones on the side, to striking pieces where the diamonds appear almost to float aloft 18 carat white gold settings. The launch of Jean Paul’s collection combines the technical skills of one of the world’s leading diamantaires, with the sophistication and modernity that is Tolkowsky.


Tolkowsky explores the possibilities of flawless contemporary design with an emphasis on perfectly balanced flowing curves and twists. Exquisitely crafted in 18ct Gold, this collection presents a modern take on fine diamond jewellery.

 Here, the diamond sits almost floating on the gold ring, the pendant mount twists gently, with three single diamonds resting in the centre. Three and four stone rings twist gently to include the stones, with the effect that the diamond almost floats on air.

 Every item from the collection is packaged in a hand crafted black jewellery case, which slides open to reveal – on a velvet pad that rises from the centre of the box – the Ideal Cut diamond earrings, pendant or ring of your choice. Each item comes with a certificate that is signed personally by Jean Paul, to guarantee each diamond’s quality, natural origins and ethical production.


 The pavé set T signature ring sets the standard for this collection. Tolkowsky presents iconic jewellery, featuring some of the most precious and coveted diamonds in the world. Nowhere is the Tolkowsky heritage more apparent than in Signature, which combines flawlessly crafted yellow and white gold settings, and the unrivalled brilliance of the very finest Ideal Cut diamonds.

 The diamonds are mounted on a gold, or diamond studded T, either as a solitaire or a cluster, reflecting the light and the exquisite perfection of the Ideal Cut diamond. The collection includes, single stone, or multi stone 

Both the Signature and Twist collections perfectly the perfection of the cut – the hearts and arrows optical effect represents the reflection of light inside a diamond of perfect symmetry and proportions. All Tolkowsky diamonds proudly display 8 hearts and 8 arrows, associated with the Ideal Cut, which guarantees not only maximum diamond brilliance, but also the simplicity and subtlety of the most perfect cut.

 Tolkowsky Diamond Jewellery is available exclusively at John Franich Jewellers in West Auckland.