(Republished) Sept 13 Interview with . . .

Mads Ziegler – Creative Director at Kranz & Ziegler

Deeply embedded in Danish values, Kranz & Ziegler is a company with a strong focus on craftsmanship and individuality. STORY by Kranz & Ziegler offers a modern jewellery brand that celebrates the events which shape your life.


Interview Questions:

Q. Can you please explain how the breakdown of STORY’s jewellery collections work?Are they set collections that are updated with new pieces every season, do you release new collections every season etc.?

STORY is a Jewellery brand with a huge selection of bracelets, elements to add to the bracelets and now also necklaces and earrings that match. The bracelets can be combined with each other to create a multiplicity of colour and texture to make each combination unique. Every season new items are added in each of the categories. New materials, new looks and new ways of combining the pieces.

Q. If you had to summarise the main trends from STORY now and coming into the new season; what would they be?

STORY is constantly changing, always new and delightfully surprising. This season adds new elements in a new form to the collection and makes it possible to continue its journey of elegance and glamour with an edge using pavé and gemstones. Story brings new ways to style your jewellery with edge and takes inspiration from rock-chic which is evidenced by the new chain bracelet concept.

Q. Are these trends influenced at all by what was happening in the fashion (clothing) industry?

Kranz & Ziegler is a brand that is always sensitive to what is happening in the fashion industry. And they haven used inspiration from the catwalk and successfully turned it into wearable and affordablehigh quality jewellery for the market.

Where do you obtain inspiration for new collections, themes, ranges etc.?

Aside from the trends from the catwalks and the fashion industry, Mads Ziegler and his design team get inspiration from nature, architecture, furniture, and lighting which are all used as inspiration; a very Danish thing to do!

What is the number 1 item from STORY that Australian consumers will be asking for this season?

We expect the Australian consumer to welcome the new STORY collection very well - especially the new tube elements. They are elongated, focal accessories in a variety of styles ranging from on trend pavé to contemporary laser cut openwork design.  They make every STORY bracelet look very elegant, whether you combine it with lamb skin, snake skin or gemstones.  They are larger than the traditional elements and you can wear them solo or combine with other elements.


More About STORY . . .

STORY has been introduced in Australia by Mary and Joe Mohun (Directors at STORY Jewellery Co.), who have been retailers in Cairns and Port Douglas for the past 23 years.STORY was a brand the Mohun’s imported directly from Denmark into their retails stores Everts Fine Jeweller.

The quality, colour, style and diversity was the point of difference that attracted them to STORY and the fact there was nothing quite like it available in the Australian market.STORY is a range that compliments the wearer’s fine jewellery whilst being able to coordinate and wear the latest fashion looks.

The success of the brand in Evert’s and the positive feedback from clients was the catalyst for them to take on the distribution of the range in Australia and NZ.