In 2008, Danish adventurer and business executive Rene Kaerskov jumped from a helicopter over the Arctic, parachuting into a new era. Standing directly over the North Pole, what he saw before him took his breath away, his heart forever conquered by the simple beauty and the infinite white expanse of the Arctic. This was the moment Bering was born.
Bering Watches display Timeless Beauty with minimalist Danish design,their slim profile,clean lines and smooth contours and understated elegance.
The durability of Bering Watches have the features and benefits of high quality long lasting materials, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, unique handcrafted ceramic and super-tough titanium.
The glass packaging for Bering Watches can be recycled into many creative uses.
Bering is supporting the "time to care" animal protection charity Polar Bear's International tracker programme in 2012 and have developed a limited edition range of individually numbered watches of which 100% of the profit from each special edition sold goes to Polar Bears International.