Christian Paul Sydney

A timepiece represents not only your sense of style, but the soul craftsmanship of the universe, it defines who you are inside and out. Changing the way you think about watches

Christian Paul Watches Sydney; an inherited pattern of innovation, a fusion of tradition and progression and a vision that has forever changed the way a watch is sold and purchased. Christian Paul’s strength resides in our signature identity- a bold prowess- the unique ability to create timepieces that are both minimalist yet attractive.

The craftsmanship behind the design and innovation lies in our Sydney born designer, Timothy Caruana. The culmination of each piece is attributed exclusively to the culture, colour and landscapes that Sydney has to offer, each with a series of unique features that make it a true rarity.

Through the immaculate creation of Christian Paul Watches, we have solidified our position as Australia’s fastest growing designer watch label, remaining at the helm of innovation in watchmaking and in the production of cutting edge trends. Whether it’s in re-defining our aesthetics or conjuring entirely new concepts, the magnetic charm of Christian Paul’s cardinal design continues to generate widespread appeal, from the very heart of Sydney to cities around the globe.