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Since its inception in 1965, Misani has been characterized by its essential Italian identity, which is why every phase of production is still taking place in Milan today. All our jewels are therefore a declination to the present of the Italian tradition, always synonymous with quality and preciousness.

For Misani, history is important. The oldest processing techniques become an integral part of the company's contemporary life. There is none of our jewels that is not the result of the skilful work of our master craftsmen.

Misani jewels do not go unnoticed: shapes, materials, colors; each of their elements is an explicit declaration of independence and originality. Each piece of our collections affirms the character of the wearer, it is an element that amplifies the personality.

We have always looked at our jewels for what they are: the fruit of an artistic process. The attention to detail, the ideas taken from the most exotic cultures, the all-round conception of each creation make us sure that the value of our collections goes beyond that of the materials used.

Nature is not perfect. For this reason, Misani is confronted as much as possible with the imperfections of its raw materials, rather than questioning how to hide them, to better enhance the characteristics of each material.